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Creative Outreach: Builder

As a builder in Creative Outreach you will get the chance to set your mark on Trondheim before and during the festival. You will get the opportunity to work with great people and see projects rise from the ground, making ISFiT visible in the city!
The projects - setting up installations around town - will promote ISFiT and the theme of migration, as well as create curiosity and excitement among the public as well as for students and participants of ISFiT19.

Sounds like something you could do? Well then, apply for the position builder in Creative Outreach. No prior experience required, as long you are willing to learn and meet every challenge with a smile :). If you have any questions about the position or want to talk about it more over a cup of coffee, please do not hesitate to contact me on e-mail, phone, or Facebook.

Hilmar Nypan Claes, e-mail:, phone: 936 14 392

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