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Do you know the value of a sales pitch over the telephone or a written press release? Your job could be the important difference in selling out tickets for a concert or getting the word about ISFiT’s theme out there. In collaboration with your lovely colleagues in Press, you are going to convey information about and create excitement for the festival to a broad audience, including locals in Trøndelag and international students. Simply put, we as a team are responsible for ISFiT’s external media relations. And if you are curious about the relationship between the press and the festival and want to learn about it, we want you.

No prior experience is required for the position as Press Functionary. You will be provided with adequate training and trust to do the tasks handed to you. These include: Writing press releases, collecting information, and assisting journalists in practical matters.

We can promise you an exciting, educational and a social time as a press functionary in ISFiT. If you wish to hear more about the position please feel free to contact me or simply send in your application.

Contact Information: or by telephone: 40497916.

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